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At The Boring Syndicate (TBS), we are committed to empowering exceptional professionals in the tech services space to embark upon their entrepreneurial journey. With a focus on building profitable services companies with an arbitrage  potential, we provide founders with the necessary capital, mentoring, network, and support to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

What We Offer

Pre-Seed Investment

TBS invests in founders at the pre-seed stage, providing them with the initial capital needed to kickstart their venture. Our investment enables founders to focus on building and scaling their services companies without worrying about early-stage funding constraints.

Mentorship and Guidance

Our experienced team of mentors and advisors offer invaluable guidance and support to founders throughout their entrepreneurial journey. From strategic advice to practical insights, we provide founders with the mentorship they need to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieve sustainable growth.

Access to Network

TBS provides founders with access to a vast network of industry experts, mentors, and potential collaborators. Our network connections enable founders to leverage valuable resources, forge strategic partnerships, and accelerate their business growth.

Sector Focus

We specialize in supporting founders in the tech services space, with a focus on segments such as data sciences, analytics, DevOps, cybersecurity, software development, performance and digital marketing, game development, financial analysis, and more.

What We Offer

At TBS, we are always on the lookout for talented founders who possess the following qualities:


We prefer founders with 7+ years of experience in a technology-related space, demonstrating a deep understanding of their industry and market dynamics.

Services Focus:

We are particularly interested in working with founders who are intending to build services companies rather than product/SaaS offerings.

Team Building Skills:

We seek founders who have experience in building and managing teams, with a proven track record of leadership and people management.

Scalability Potential:

We look for founders who have the potential to build a 100-plus-people company in their space, demonstrating the scalability and growth potential of their business idea.

Join us at TBS and let us help you turn your vision into reality. Together, we can build the next generation of successful tech services companies.

Our Process

Our approach at The Boring Syndicate is straightforward and streamlined.


After establishing contact with a potential entrepreneur, our team initiates an informal discussion to understand their vision and objective towards building their venture. It allows us to gain valuable insights into the founder's thoughts, making it easier to support them in their entrepreneurial journey.


At this stage, we collaborate with the founder to outline the venture's strategic directions and reach a mutual consensus on crucial matters like finances.

Investor Calls

At TBS, we believe in 'smart capital.' Therefore, we introduce the founders to our strong and diverse network of investors who can add their investments and so much more to the company.


After the founder and investor have found common ground for the partnership, we sign the agreement with the founder and welcome them to our TBS community.

Ready to take your tech services company to new heights? Join us at TBS and become part of a vibrant community of innovative founders.

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