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TBS Spark Program

Welcome to the heart of our ecosystem at The Boring Syndicate (TBS), where innovation thrives and connections flourish. We are building TBS Spark where we building a network-based lead generation engine that helps services companies to grow. Explore our flagship SPARK program and discover how we’re revolutionizing client acquisition for our portfolio companies through strategic partnerships and affiliate networks. Get ready to ignite your entrepreneurial journey and join us in shaping the future of tech services. 

Are you a seasoned and professional expert who wants to grab exciting opportunities? Well, join our TBS Sparks Program. As an affiliate in our program, you will leverage your professional connections to refer our portfolio companies to your clients and investors. In return, you will be able to earn a lucrative commission for every successful referral that results in a valuable business transaction or interaction.


As an affiliate, your partnership will go beyond the initial engagement, and you will continue to benefit from your contributions.

You will have the unique opportunity to leverage their extensive network and connections to generate potential business for TBS portfolio companies. For successful introductions and collaborations, you can earn a substantial commission from the business generated.

You will enjoy lucrative commissions. Not only do affiliates receive commission for their initial efforts, but they also enjoy ongoing commission rewards if the portfolio company experiences future upsells or increased cash flow.

Affiliates will get a privileged position with first rights to invest in TBS’s figure companies. This ensures their continued engagement and potential for financial growth.

Turn your expertise and
network into income

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