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Building the Future, One Fund at a Time

At The Boring Syndicate (TBS), we’re passionate about fueling the growth of exceptional technology services companies. We believe these businesses are the backbone of innovation, transforming how B2B clients navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Traditionally, venture capital focuses heavily on early-stage technology startups. However, we recognize the immense potential of established service businesses with proven track records. These companies often operate in a cash-flow positive or neutral state, making them less attractive to traditional VC models.

This is where TBS Funds come in. We bridge the gap by creating dedicated funds tailored for the unique needs of growth-stage technology services companies.

Introducing the Vixul Continuity
Fund (VCF)

Our first foray into dedicated funds is the VCF, a collaborative effort between TBS and Vixul, a leading Emerging Technology Services (ETS) accelerator. VCF takes a unique approach to investing in established ETS companies with:

Proven Service-Market Fit

VCF only invests in companies that have graduated from the rigorous Vixul Accelerator program, demonstrating a clear market need for their services and the capability to execute.

Cash Flow Positive Operations

These companies exhibit financial stability and are well-positioned for strategic growth investment.

High-Growth Potential

Despite their current success, VCF targets companies poised for significant growth with the right capital injection.

TBS's Role in VCF

The Boring Syndicate brings its extensive experience in tech services investment and deal-making to the table.  We play a key role in:

Identifying high-potential ETS companies

Our expertise allows us to recognize businesses primed for significant growth.

Structuring strategic investments

We leverage our deal-making experience to ensure successful investments for both VCF and entrepreneurs.

Guiding companies through their growth journey

We offer ongoing support, mentorship, and access to our network of industry experts.

Vixul's Role in VCF

Vixul contributes its deep understanding of accelerating ETS businesses with:

Proven Acceleration Program

Companies graduate from the Vixul program demonstrably equipped for rapid growth.

Strategic Guidance

VCF benefits from Vixul's expertise in navigating the unique challenges and opportunities faced by ETS businesses.

Identifying high-potential ETS companies

Our expertise allows us to recognize businesses primed for significant growth.

The VCF is a powerful combination of TBS's investment experience and Vixul's ETS growth expertise.  Together, we empower established ETS companies to achieve their full potential and redefine the future of the B2B technology services landscape.

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