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About us

TBS, as a Venture Builder and Investor, specializes in the global Technology and Professional Services space. We are building the next generation of services businesses focused on nurturing sustainable, cash-flow positive businesses. Our expertise spans investments, governance, advisory, and founder support, with a commitment to maintaining a robust global presence.

Our Thesis

The demand for tech services across the world has escalated. As more and more people rely on tech solutions, it becomes more crucial than ever for technology service companies to grow, excel and transform the tech service industry. However, fluctuations and uncertainty in the global market can hinder the companies’ development and progress. Therefore, at TBS, our ultimate aim is to step in and offer assistance to these companies to ensure they have enough resources and support to grow and thrive. We work with aspiring founders and entrepreneurs at various stages, even pre-seed, to give them an opportunity to build their businesses. We help them to leverage our network, capital and strategic support and take their business to the next level.

Our Process


After establishing contact with a potential entrepreneur, our team initiates an informal discussion to understand their vision and objective towards building their venture. It allows us to gain valuable insights into the founder's thoughts, making it easier to support them in their entrepreneurial journey.


 At this stage, we collaborate with the founder to outline the venture's strategic directions and reach a mutual consensus on crucial matters like finances.

Investor Calls

At TBS, we believe in 'smart capital.' Therefore, we introduce the founders to our strong and diverse network of investors who can add their investments and so much more to the company.


After the founder and investor have found common ground for the partnership, we sign the agreement with the founder and welcome them to our TBS community.

People behind TBS

Ready to take your tech services company to new heights? Join us at TBS and become part of a vibrant community of innovative founders.

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