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Syndicate Investments

At The Boring Syndicate (TBS), we believe in the power of collective investment to drive innovation and growth. Our syndicate investments offer a unique opportunity for accredited investors to join forces with visionary founders and industry experts, backing companies in the tech and Professional services space and fueling their journey to success. You don’t have to take our word for it, here are our promising numbers: In 2023, we raised $1.4M in syndicated investments. Besides enjoying attractive returns on your investments, there’s a lot more you can benefit from the TBS ecosystem as a member of our syndicate.

Why Choose to Invest in TBS Portfolio Companies?

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

You will enjoy attractive commisions. Not only do affiliates receive commission for their initial efforts, but they also enjoy ongoing commission rewards if the portfolio company experiences future upsells or increased cash flow.


Spread your risk across a portfolio of diverse startups spanning various industries and sectors. With TBS Syndicate Investments, you can diversify your investment portfolio and mitigate risk while maximizing potential rewards.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise and guidance of our seasoned investment team, who bring years of experience in venture capital and startup ecosystem. From due diligence to deal structuring, we provide comprehensive support throughout the investment process, ensuring that you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Community Collaboration

Join a vibrant community of like-minded investors, founders, and industry professionals united by a shared passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Collaborate, network, and exchange ideas with fellow members of the TBS community, fostering valuable connections and opportunities for growth.

Impactful Investments

At TBS, we are committed to supporting startups that deliver financial returns and make a positive impact on society and the world. By investing in socially responsible ventures, you can align your financial goals with your values and contribute to meaningful change.

How It Works

Browse Opportunities

Explore our latest investment opportunities and discover service companies that align with your investment criteria and objectives.


Once you've found a venture that interests you, simply invest the desired amount through our secure online platform. You can choose to invest individually or syndicate with other investors to pool resources and maximize impact.

Track Performance

Stay updated on the progress of your investments with ease. Gain insights into portfolio performance, track key metrics, and stay informed about upcoming events and updates. 


Engage with investors, founders, and industry experts through our community platform. Share insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate on potential opportunities, leveraging the collective wisdom of the TBS community.

Ready to join the TBS Syndicate and become part of the
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